Hot Springs Galicia

Hot Springs Galicia

Capital Termal or Hot springs capital

Galicia is the number one hot springs destination in Spain. They are called Termas.

There are more than 300 hot springs in the region, making it one of the richest in Europe. No wonder the Romans settled here.

Geothermal-heated groundwater rising from the Earth’s crust, emerge through the granite bedrock alongside rivers and springs to create this magical phenomena.

Bathing in the thermal hot spring waters is not only a relaxing experinace served along with health benefits. The healing powers of hot springs have been known for thousands of years. The mineral rich waters, found in Termas have a number of therapeutic benefits.

When bathing in thermal hot spring waters our bodies soak up these minerals, increasing blood circulation and overall oxygen flow. Help promote healthy skin, relive pain and reducing stress.

If you brave enough, combine bathing in the thermals with plunging into cold water. Shock therapy as one can describe it. Many hot springs are located near fresh water rivers and so provide this unique experience. Always be mindful of your body and take care.

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Here’s a list of some of the best locations around Galicia for these naturally warm and healing springs.

– Los Baños de San Xusto, on the banks of River Lerez.

– Outariz, Ourense, free public pools and spa on the banks of river Miño.

– Termas Prexigueiro, Ribadevia, Ourense, wild swimming and spa.

– Mondariz, Pontevedra late nineteenth century spa town.


We recommend visiting at night, where the steam rising from the hot pools can be seen in the night sky. Nothing beats bathing under a canopy of stars.

Alternate between the pools to modulate the temperature. Take regular breaks out of the pools to avoid over-stressing the body and hydrate regularly.

Bathing suit is optional, but please be respectful of others.

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