Wild Swimming Galicia

Wild Swimming Galicia

Who hasn’t dream about wild swimming out on an adventure?

Galicia is known as “the land of a thousand rivers” presenting an incredible opportunity to discover something new, if you haven’t tried it before. How cool is that! 

Secret golden sandy beaches, hidden coves, meandering rivers and cascading waterfalls, Galicia has it all.

Crystal clear waters, perfect for wild swimming year round, offer you a diverse choice for your wild-swimming adventure.

Galicia feels remote. Granite rock formations and lush green forests dominate the landscape. It could not be more different from the mass-tourism spots of the south.

White water rivers meandering down the mountains to reach Galicia’s 1600km Atlantic coastline. Carving the landscape, eroding the Galician massif creating grand canyons, dotted with waterfalls and pools (Pozos). Most can be reached with s short hike from the road or a designated public carpark

So many options, you are truly spoiled for choice.


Our top 5 spots.


– Rio Almofrei

GPS position: 42°25’59.761″N // 8°32’39.915″W

A short walk from our land, along an enchanted ancient trade route to discover the natural swimming pools with a medieval stone bridge and grain mills.


– Fervenza de A Fírveda

GPS position: 42º 26 ́23.258 ́ ́ N // 8º 22 ́ 36.415 ́ ́ W

The waterfalls and pools of the Verdugo River are located near Firveda, a small mountain village of the Council of A Lama at the foot of the Sierra do Cando mountains.


– Fervenza do Toxa

GPS position: 42º 45 ́34 ́ ́ N // 8º 16 ́ 42 ́ ́ W

A towering 60m high waterfall creating a majestic mist over the natural pools below.

Located near Silleda, Pontevedra, Spain


– Praia de Barra

GPS position: 42º 15 ́38,88 ́ ́ N // 8o 50 ́ 52,57 ́ ́ W

Relaxed nudist beach with white sand & basic facilities, accessed through a pine grove. Cangas, Pontevedra


At FincA Galicia, we discovered a natural lake was formed by collecting rain water and natural stream run-offs over time into the lowest point of the Cantera (quarry). We plan to offer our adventurers the opportunity to discover this unique experience at FincA Galicia.

If you want to explore more, check this incredible book Wild Swimming Spain

Discover the most beautiful rivers, lakes and waterfalls of Spain
Lola Culsán and John Weller



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