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Escape the heatwave

Visit Cool Galicia for the best place to escape the heatwave

We all want to escape the heatwave. It seems like everywhere you look this summer, the news headline is all about the heatwave. Negative headlines about wild forest fires, unbearable temperatures and global warming and the future to come.

With more and more Spaniards travelling to the northwest province of Galicia to escape the unbearable heat in the south and in the scorching large metropolitan cities, Galicia is fast becoming a green oasis to escape the heatwave. 

Galicia’s green mountainous landscape offers plenty of options for adventure, escape and wellness tourism. There are many places to cool down and chill around in the “Land of a thousand rivers”. These are some of our summer favourites:

Finca Galicia is located on the hills overlooking the Ria of Pontevedra and will offer a unique wellness resort to escape the summer heat.

Take a short hike down to the river Almofrei, if you like us and love wild swimming. The river has an ancient stone bridge presiding over an ancient trade route dating back to Roman times, although the bridge’s current stone construction probably dates to medieval times. There are cool dipping pools on both sides of the bridge. A great spot to escape the heat and the crowds for lovers of wild swimming

  • Puente de Almofrei (Almofrei Bridge)

The river and bridge are a focal point part of the famous mountain hiking route GR94 between Vigo and Santiago de Compostella.

Our second spot is located a short drive or ride (22km) from the Finca, Praia de Portocelo is an incredible beach in the Ria de Pontevedra. One of the four rivers estuaries protected inlets, making the famous Galicia’s The Rías Baixas.

  • Praia (Playa) de Portocelo (Portocelo Beach)

A small cool & secluded bay with crystal turquoise water and a white sandy beach. Located to the south of Pontevedra, between the Port of Marin and the village of Mogor, offers a quiet spot to chill and spend the day on cool Galicia’s Atlantic coast. The beach is accessible by car, bus (Monbus services) or as we recommend, cycle. It has a lifeguard, toilets and changing rooms and a bar (in season).

Come to Cool Galicia to escape the summer heat.

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