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Springtime in Galicia

Apr 1, 2024 | Adventure

Celebrating Springtime in Galicia


Walking the land a few weeks ago, it felt like springtime had finally arrived in Galicia. However, it was a false dawn.

Warm weather was replaced by a cold front dropping temperatures and bringing fresh snow at elevations above 800 meters.

A deluge of rain everywhere else. With Galicia’s reservoirs full to the brim, spectacular waterfalls can be seen from all the dams.

It was a good reminder that seasonal change can be unpredictable. Something to consider when we welcome guests for the season each spring.

2023 is a leap year, Easter or Semana Santa, as it is called in Spain, will be celebrated early and so the brief cold snap was disorientating for everyone.


Cherry blossom vividly announces spring each year. At our land, the first to join this botanical show are the Silver Birch trees

Their buds are giving wild bumblebees and honeybees an early taste of things to come. The buzzing at the canopies can be heard from the ground.

Robins with their famously red breast are hard at work. Picking small branches, moss and leaves to construct their new nests. Fresh for the coming breeding season each spring.

I often see them and hear their singing while they follow in my path clearing work on our land. I love the thought that I produce free building materials ready for their magical organic architecture. The work also acts as an organic food market exposing fresh earthworms to feast on.


We were invited to celebrate the coming of the new spring at a friend’s house over the weekend. There is nothing better than spending time with friends and sampling local food and homemade wines. A slow-roasted leg of pork was a treat by our host on a traditional wood stove.

To-do list

With daylight hours getting longer and the sun not yet too exhausting, I am hoping to spend more time on the land preparing it for the coming summer.

Clearing more land, shoring up trails and building a small bridge over some granite boulders, are some of the main items on the list for April.

I am hopeful that we will obtain the necessary permits to progress with the work later this month. I will keep my fingers crossed for now.

Well, or Pues, as they say in Spanish! If you got this far, it means you read the whole post… and I Thank you.

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Don’t do more, do better!

… and always keep on rockin

Danny Shafrir

Founder | FincA Galicia Resort

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