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Galicia’s Stories Carved in Stone

Feb 10, 2024 | Adventure

How Galicia’s Granite Legacy Quarry Glamping Resort Inspired

Galicia’s past

Galicia’s granite rock has stories to tell. It has been used to record daily rituals since the Stone Age. Neolithic Artists engraved images of local flora and fauna, depicting hunting and ceremonies on the exposed rock all over the surrounding coastline and hills.


One of these incredibly important archaeological sites is near our Glamping resort at Área arqueológica de Tourón, where you can find petroglyphs (rock art) with geometric symbols and naturalistic figures, like deer and oak trees.

Granite rock has been intertwined, fusing the landscape and culture for thousands of years. These circular walled structures, also known as Castros, Pre-Roman Iron Age settlements, are dotted all over the Galician rugged landscape.

Santa Trega

The most impressive of these historical monuments is Santa Trega Hill. Dated from the 4th century BC, it has commanding views of the Miño river estuary and the Atlantic Ocean.

Furthermore, the abundance of this important building material has played a pivotal role and influenced social transformation and human behaviour in the Galician landscape.

FincA Galicia aims to encourage one’s deeper connection with the landscape and local heritage while rehabilitating the granite quarry.

Design Philosophy

One of FincA Galicia’s core principles is to highlight the importance of environmental conservation in the development of the Glamping resort within the disused quarry.

Creating sustainable development by preserving and rehabilitating the natural habitat and reintroducing native plants around the granite quarry.

Moreover, by tracing the old trails used in the quarry works, and raising any new structure above the ground, we aim to minimise the impact of the Glamping resort on the local flora and fauna to maintain a harmonious ecosystem.

We aim to engage with the local community and beyond through a series of educational programmes and workshops celebrating the use of granite and its influence on the Galician landscape and culture.

Re-wild & Rehabilitation

Inspired by these ancestral stories engraved on the rocks that surround us, we seek to explore and reflect on the symbolism of repurposing a once-exploited resource into a space that fosters creativity, connection with nature, and sustainable living. Our journey is now our story to tell.

Likewise, our vision is to create a unique glamping destination, encouraging our guests to journey with us and explore this beautiful landscape.

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Danny Shafrir

Founder | FincA Galicia Resort

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