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Galicia’s Stories Carved in Stone

Galicia’s Stories Carved in Stone

How Galicia's Granite Legacy Quarry Glamping Resort Inspired Galicia's past Galicia’s granite rock has stories to tell. It has been used to record daily rituals since the Stone Age. Neolithic...

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Cool Galicia

Cool Galicia

Escape the heatwave Visit Cool Galicia for the best place to escape the heatwave We all want to escape the heatwave. It seems like everywhere you look this summer, the news headline is all about the...

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Springtime in Galicia

Springtime in Galicia

Celebrating Springtime in Galicia Weather Walking the land a few weeks ago, it felt like springtime had finally arrived in Galicia. However, it was a false dawn. Warm weather was replaced by a cold...

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Our story

Creative minds seek time to wander, think, and ultimately move great ideas into action!

We are Silvia Fernandez Teixeira and Danny Shafrir. Our story began at an East London Pub. She ordered a plate of hot wings and I kept the drinks coming. We connected through our passion for adventure and travel. A winning combination of Spanish humour and Israeli/Brit Falafel wit.

We both loved London and had successful careers in architecture and education, but after years on the treadmill, we both felt that it was time for a change.

The plan was to take some time off and travel. To my surprise, Silvia suggested we go cycling. I jumped at the idea of bikepacking before she could change her mind and immediately started planning our route across the Americas, North to South. Excited, we hit the road in Seattle, WA.

On our journey we stayed in many campsites, hotels and Airbnb’s. Whether it was wild camping under a canopy of stars or sleeping on a luxury mattress (Yes, from time to time we indulged ourselves) we often talked about the experiences, compared and rated. We sensed that something was brewing… Could we create a unique place to share our design vision and love of adventure with others.

Our journey came to a stop, when we and the entire world learned about Covid-19. With borders shut and travel suspended, we had nowhere to go. To make matters more complicated, we had just bought a VW campervan and stripped it all down.

How are we going to get out of this? We had no idea!

Lockdown in Oaxaca Mexico, was the perfect opportunity to dream big and make bold decisions, by leaning into the unexpected curves on the road.

Away from our busy lives and daily distractions, we desire a place for personal discovery. A sanctuary to relax and unwind. Living a more fulfilling lives while creating a sustainable business connected to place and nature.

Determined, we set course and move to Spain. After months of searching, we found our dream hideaway, at the foothills of Serra Do Cando, nestled in the forests above Pontevedra. FincA Galicia was born!

FincA, encourage us to escape, even for a brief moment. Experience the wonders of nature without compromising on life’s small comforts!

Outstanding stories, not just a vacation!

Join us and follow our journey, challenging the convention in the pursuit of our vision.

Dreaming big

Galicia is Spain’s best-kept secret, at least that’s what we believe.

Galicia region is situated at the north-western corner of the Iberian Peninsula, right above Portugal. A unique part of the country, it has its own customs, culture, food and even language.

You probably heard about the Camino de Santiago, but Galicia has so much more for you to discover.

Lush green mountainous region that boasts a stunning coastline, beautiful sandy beaches, world heritage sites and a deep, unique history.

Galicia’s 1600km long Atlantic coastline, is doted with untamed islands and secret coves hidden in its river estuaries, called; Rías Baixas (Galician for “Lower Rivers”) where fresh and salt waters mix to create one of the world’s most richest and diverse marine life.

At around 30,000km2, Galicia is about the size of Belgium. However, with only a quarter of it’s population, preserving a sense of wilderness so elusive from our busy city-centric lives. Galicia is calling you to explore.

FincA’s secluded forest retreat is nestled 15km east of Pontevedra. With a new high-speed rail (AVE) linking the region with Madrid in under 4h, FincA Galicia is closer then you think.

Located 50min drive from Santiago de Compostela Rosalía de Castro Airport, and 2 hours from Porto, Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, getting here never been easier.

Galicia location map
Cotobade Finca Galicia

FincA Galicia Aventura S.L.

Pontevedra, Galicia, España

Company No. B16841124

Outstanding stories not just a vacation!